aim to fill the gap between major production company's and semi-pro operators
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About us

DSLR aim to fill the gap between major video production company's and semi-pro operators. We use professional quality gear, and have our own 8x10m video studio with blue & green screen, all the hardware, lights, 12m Dolly track & 3m Crane and state of the art 32 track audio studio with 2 x soundproof booths and many years of production experience.

The wide and unique variety of video & design services offered reflects the life experiences of owner Peter FitzGerald. Peter has 20 years experience in advertising agencies, hi-tech and corporate art departments, newspapers, sign writing, screen-printing, commercial TV production and time as a professional musician and audio engineer.

The pre-production process

On our first contact we'll spend a little bit of time, getting your ideas what's needed in the video, we also spend time looking at your website and printed material to better understand what you offer your customers and clients as a company.

Video ScriptWhen is the process begins we typically ask fo a small script writing deposit. This enables us to write the first draft of the script and if time permits and locations are available we'll take some photos of the relevant locations to get an accurate representation of the shot flow, approximate timing and more accurate representation of costs. Then we present you with a costed quotation & timeline for production of your video, listing any extras or options and expected completion date.

The production process
The production process all the components Video, Sound, photos and graphics together, and just like planning to building a house there are moments where things don't go to plan, like the difficulties of rainy days and the occasions where the talent doesn't quite get there lines right. luckey we have the experience to allow us to solve most problems.
The post production process
The post production process is the magic bit, This is act of putting everything together. It is the one that is most difficult to quantify and plan for, how much time was spent time choosing and aligning and timing shots, editing audio and producing voice-overs.
Revisions and Delivery
Typically 70% of the way through the edit we have an approval or revision stage where clients can view a rough-cut and encouraged to provide input before we reach the final product.

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